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Martin Askem and His Art You Can Hear

Martin Askem and His Art You Can Hear

Hype magazine has called him “the Michelangelo of Hip Hop and “go to guy” for realism art.  Anyone who views his art cannot deny that he is extremely talented and there is no end in sight when it comes to creating his colorful pieces of Hip Hop art.  So who is this “Michelangelo of Hip Hop” they speak of?  His name is Martin Askem.  Here is a little more about him.

Martin Askem is a London based artist who Hip Hop inspired art is remarkable as well as memorable.  His use of colors and his ability to capture Hip Hop Legends with ease show his flair as well as his desire to be a master of his craft, just like many of the Hip Hop artist that his art captures.  You may be more familiar with the art than the man that created it.  He has done album covers for Chuck D as well as Mellow Man Ace and CL Smooth.  It seems however, that Askem doesn’t mind being behind the scenes.  He lets his work be his face and it definitely been getting plenty of attention and acclaim.  Here is more about him:

Martin Askem is the founder and President of “Art You Can Hear”.  Askem has been producing art for a few years, however Hip Hop art is not where he started.  Being inspired by artist such as Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol and Cartoonist Herge, he began his love of art by producing contemporary modern and surrealism art.  It no doubt paved the way for the type of art that he produces now.  Askem has been producing Hip Hop inspired art for the last four years.  He is also a member of mADagency, the artist collective created by one of the greatest Hip Hop Legends Chuck D

So what started this love affair with Hip Hop and what sparked the need to produce this type of art?  Hip Hop first caught Askem’s attention in 1984, but he fell in love with Hip Hop in 1987 after hearing the album “Yo! Bum Rush the Show” by Public Enemy.  He says “the completely unique sound was like a freight train coming at you sonically! [It] just blew me away and I have been devoted to hip hop ever since” (Askem, 2017).  This initial love has motivated Askem to produce over 400 pieces of art dedicated to Hip Hop.  This hard work has earned him the achievement of having the most pieces of Hip Hop art collection done by one person in the world.

This week we will be showcasing Martin Askem’s work as well as sharing an exclusive interview where we will learn more about the man and the art he creates.  Below check out other interviews and more of his work at the links provided.

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His Company 'Art You Can Hear'
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The Hype Magazine, 2017. From:

A portion of this information is from an interview done by Hip Hop Humanism, 2017.

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