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May 2017 Recap

May 2017 Recap

May is almost gone and it has been a great month.  This month we had the opportunity to showcase three talented artists that are not only marvelous at their craft but they are also doing their part to make the world a better place.  In case you missed it, here is a quick review for the artist showcased in the month of May:

Martin Askem – Based out of London, this talent artist has the largest Hip Hop art collection created by one artist.  He has over 400 pieces of extraordinary art that captures the essence of our favorite conscious rappers and legends.  He is the owner of “Art You Can Hear” and is part of the Chuck D artist collective mADurgency.  He has been coined as the “Michelangelo of Hip Hop” by Hype magazine and with good reason.  He sees no end in sight, and we look forward to seeing what new artwork he comes up with in the future.

William “Nephibis” Young – This talented rapper out of Baltimore was able to escape the streets through the creation of music.  Being exposed to hip hop as a youngster, he wanted to be a positive artist.  Keeping his experiences in mind he wants to help other kids that go through bullying.  He once saw himself as an “invisible man”, but through his music we cannot help but to see him.  He hopes to become a part of the Hip Hop Humanism Initiative “A Kids Way Out”, by becoming a volunteer for the “Let’s Make This Music” program.

Eugene Hero – This visual artist of out Wilmington DE, is another example that the arts can change the course of a youth’s life.  His interest in art at an early age, helped to keep him out of the streets and out of the crime wave that has taken over the Wilmington area.  He has done canvas work, fashion design and is currently working on art for our homes.  He is the owner of his own business named the “Eugene Hero Art Company”.  He hopes to do art full time one day and we hope that he will become a part of the “A Kids Way Out” initiative by being one of the artist in the program “We Can Make Art”.

Find more about each of these artist under the “News” tab on our website.

For the rest of this month we will continue to showcase the May artists.  We also will be doing a feature story on Andre Saunders.  He is the creator of the program “We Teach Kids to Fish”, that is a part of our ‘A Kids Way Out’ initiative.  He is a passionate, caring man who hopes to mentor as many children as possible with this program.  Be sure to keep an eye out for the article on this super humanitarian.

Our eyes and our ears are still wide open for the extrodinary singer that we had the pleasure of stumbling across last month.  Her name is Arlissa and she is out of the UK.  We hope that this month we will be able to learn more about her, as well as share more about her with her fans and “soon to be” fans.  Her amazing vocals and ability to write songs that touch the soul and heart will not disappoint anyone who gets the chance to hear one of her songs.

We truly appreciate all of the support that we have received so far from everyone.  Hip Hop Humanism is doing its best to make its dreams come true.  Our dreams are to make the world a better place through the arts, especially Hip Hop.  We will continue to do what we do, so we can do what we want.  What we want is to help our children have a brighter future.  What we want is to showcase positive artists and make positivity the norm again in our society.  What we want is to help people to remember that #wearehumanfirst.  So until those dreams come into a reality, we will continue to push on, and when those dreams come true, we will dream up new ones. 

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