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May Artists of the Week Introduction

May Artists of the Week Introduction

May is right around the corner and we cannot wait to showcase the artistry and passions of the following artist:  Martin Askem (@a5kem), William Young aka Nephibis (@RGRippa) and Eugene Hero.  Here are some snippets of the artists selected to represent the month of May “Artists of the Week”.

Martin Askem – based out of London, Askem has been called “The Michelangelo of Hip Hop” by Hype Magazine.  He has been doing Hip Hop art for the last four years and has created over 400 pieces of art dedicated to Hip Hop, which makes him the creator of the largest Hip Hop collection in the world done by one person.  He is part of the mADurgency artist collective.

Nephibis – Out of Baltimore, this artist is humble and doesn’t speak much.  However, when he gets on stage he transforms.  Hip Hop music is his escape from reality and he enjoys creating it as well as listening to it.  His song “Fortune and Fame” talks about how Hip Hop artist “sell out” in order to progress financially.  He is against this.  He believes in being a conscious artist despite what others do.  He is not afraid to be himself.

Eugene Hero – Out of Wilmington, DE, Eugene is going against the grain.  Instead of partaking in the violence, Eugene puts his efforts into art.  His canvas pieces are in all different types of establishments across Wilmington.  He also personalizes clothing, to include footwear.  He shows how Hip Hop, art and fashion go hand and hand.  His existence goes to show that violence is not the only thing that Wilmington can be known for. 

We look forward to showing you more about these artists in May and hope that you find them as interesting and talented as we do.  Check the links below for a sneak preview into the art of these incredible artist who are changing the world for the good.

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Martin Askem:


Eugene Hero:



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