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This article is written by my assistant and sister. She is 21 years old. This article is a glimpse into the thought process of a Millennial that was exposed to Hip Hop. I had her write this to prove all hope is not lost on Millennials.

Being part of MCA Day as a Millennial was one of the best experiences of my life. It made me feel like I traveled back into time and got to be apart of this amazing era I missed. The music made me feel so alive and for once I didn't need to break out a dictionary or mumble past the words I didn't know. It wasn't about drugs or was about life and made me think, "what am I doing"?

Man...the people...the people were the best part of the experience. Everyone was together. Everyone came together for a cause and there was no violence, no bullshit, no drama. Just music and love and an awareness I am still trying to grasps. It was beautiful. The bass from the speakers vibrated in my feet. Before the 808, it was this. The crowd nodded in unison. Who said white folks don't have rhythm? They did that night. Whether on 1 and 3 or 2 and 4, the passion was collective. The crowd was dancing and singing along and before I knew it, the house was jammed packed. Man my legs hurt so bad, but I couldn't step out. I couldn't miss a moment. I knew it was real when my sister cried. She never cries. I asked her why and she said "look at the crowd. It's no street shit, it's no arguing, its just love of Adam and Hip Hop". I still don't know what to say.

One of my favorite parts is getting to meet La June. She wasn't all sexual or vulgar. She showed me, that I don't have to do that to get recognized. Her voice is absolutely amazing and that may be an understatement. My second favorite part is getting to see Busy Bee in person. I won't lie, i didn't know him. However the things he said sticks with me. He expressed how Hip Hop wasn't about disrespect to women. Wow. Almost all the rap I know talks bad about women. I appreciated that. It made me feel secure in demanding respect.

To sum it all up MCA Day was truly an experience to remember. I didn't know what to expect, but Jay Rene, my sister said trust me, and I did. I dig the music I heard more than what is out now. It makes me wonder if these current artist ever heard of Chuck D or the Beastie Boys. I am forever changed and am so happy about it.
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Written by:
Jay Rene @thejayrene

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