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Prod Rez - Age is Just a Number

Prod Rez - Age is Just a Number

When we first came across Christian “Prod REZ” Collins we were super impressed. Anytime a young person chooses something positive over negative, it is a time to celebrate, especially in a place we’re by the age of 21 the young Black male is either dead or has had a run in with the law (Delaware Statistics, 2018).

Despite those odds Prod REZ is standing strong against them. His strong parental guidance and support is evident in this young mans thought process. It goes to show that if we support our youth in the positive things they like or enjoy, we can help them flourish and stay on the right path for success. Check out the article we had with this young producer.

HHH: What about Hip Hop made you want to become a part of the culture?

Prod REZ: Most of my family has to do with music, from old school to new school because my dad and my brothers are rap artist. Im basicly surrounded by hip hop.

HHH: Who or what inspires you to produce?

Prod REZ: At first i was not inspired by anything i was bored one day and i tried to create a beat and when i finished it was not as bad as i thought. I posted it on instagram and people were so surprised when they heard it. For my first beat it wasn't bad. I’ve always thought of beats in my head when i was younger... I was like, beat boxing in my head... But my current inspiration are two producers. Ronny Jay listen Up, and Metro Boomin.

HHH: It is interesting to hear you say “when I was younger”, given your age.

Prod REZ: (Smiles)

HHH: Who is your favorite hip hop artist or group and why?

Prod REZ: I don't really have a favorite i just like what I like.

HHH: What do you think about the current Hip Hop artistry that exist.

Prod REZ: Most of the popular artists get big off of a nice beat or beats. [The music is an important part of the songs success].

HHH: What are some of your goals musically and personally

Prod REZ: Mainly just to make my family proud and be able to provide even at a young age. I really was never into sports so I am going for being a producer, that is all I really want to be.

HHH: Young men and women your age are not even thinking on such a higher level. We commend you for being different and for chasing your dreams. Are any of your friends interested in music?

Prod REZ: Yes only two though, Fatal Beats and Soft Serve.

HHH: Sounds like a collaboration is coming soon. How are you able to balance school, home life and your craft?

Prod REZ: It's not hard for me, I do the work that is given and then I do everything else.


It is very important that we support our youth. It is just as important that we help support our youth that is interested in Hip Hop. Hip Hop is not dead. It is still a strong force that is a platform for so many changes.  When we all truly realize how Hip Hop influences the world, we will truly understand it’s power please.  Be sure to share this article to get out some positive things that are youth are doing. 

 Be looking for the article on Amy Cinnamon, a dope visual artist that is a part of Mr. Chuck D’s artist collective, MadUrgency. Check links below for samples of Prod REZ’ productions.


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Jay Rene @thejayrene

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