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ReCap and Upcoming - May

Another month is here and Hip Hop Humanism gladly welcomes it. Last month we had the opportunity to talk about three people who are making a great impact in Hip Hop. Let’s recap a bit.

We had Amy Cinnamon who is a part of mADurgency; which is a collective of talented visual artist, created by Mr. Chuck D. Her artwork is simple yet undeniably spot on when it comes to showing the resemblance of our favorite Hip Hop artist.

We also got to introduce you to an awesome young man named Prod Rez, who has chosen to focus on being a musical producer for Hip Hop instead of following the violent trends that take place in his neighborhood and state. Not only does this young man ensure that he does well in school, helps out at home, and stays respectable; he has a real talent. Adults across the Delaware come to him for fresh beats. He is an entrepreneur and a legend in the making. It is so appreciated that someone young be so conscious.

We also got to talk about Tia Hamilton. The force out of Baltimore that is not only a multi business owner and entrepreneur, but the creator of the brand new extraordinary magazine State vs Us. Though very busy with her multiple businesses and her online radio show as well as monitoring and being an active part of her online social media site groups, she takes the time to give back to her community; especially to the children. She shows us that you can juggle many balls and not have to drop any of them.

For the month of May we look forward to chatting about some artist that we know are a solid part of the preservation of Hip Hop. Jarmel Reece and K Walker will both be in the lineup for showcase this month. Here is a little about both:

Jarmel Reece has been coined “The Solution” and boy do we need one. Those of us that are true lovers of Hip Hop cringe daily from the music that is currently being put out and called Hip Hop. Well no worries here. Jarmel is definitely cringe free. He hopes to show that Hip Hop is not dead and we look forward to talking and telling you more about him as well as sharing his work. Trust… He is not coined the solution for nothing. He is an active part of Hip Hop history.

K Walker is a video, short movie and music producer out of Wilmington Delaware. K Walker is one of the connections that plugs directly into the heavy Hip Hop scene in Wilmington. He has been documenting Hip Hop history since he began and directly preserves the Hip Hop culture. His current venture is showcasing the talents of the female artists located in Wilmington Delaware. What he does is extremely important to the preservation of Hip Hop history.

In community and humanitarianism we will be sharing information on Miss Danielle Worth. She has an organization that gives back to her community by investing in the children. Her organization “Rising Stars” gives scholarship money to young adults to support their college efforts. She is a reminder that the investment in our children and youth is important and takes a village.

Hip Hop and humanitarianism has always been hand-in-hand. If you ask any of the old artist they will tell you that they made sure that they gave back to their community...that they were present in it to uplift and make it better. This is something that many artist today have lost. However let us remember there is still hope. With artists like the ones that we feature along with the humanitarianism of those who care, we can help to make our world a better place. We hope that you stay tuned to enjoy and share the information that is to come about these incredible people.

We are always thankful and appreciate the support.

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