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September 2017

August has been an excellent month for Hip Hop Humanism and for Hip Hop in general.  Firstly, we started off the month with MCA Day in Brooklyn NY.  Me and my assistant and guest, are still talking about it.  My assistant, who is also my sister and Millennial, put every MCA and Beastie Boy poster up in her room, and even the trading cards.  The experience there, could touch anyone.  The comradery, the music, the vibe, the setting, all was perfect to show love to Adam Yauch, The Beastie Boys and to every artist that participated. Shot out to @AndyKatzArt, for giving me an opportunity to experience the greatness.

So what have we been doing?  Well we launched our first event from our ‘Kids Way Out’ initiative.  ‘Andre Saunders’ We Teach Kids to Fish Program’, was a success.  We were able to accommodate, 32 kids and their parents.  We gave out schools supplies to every child and every child that fish, caught something.  The look on their faces, the excitement in their voices, was a wonderful thing.  In the city I live in, by the age of 23, the average Black male is either dead or has been arrested by the age of 23.  We have to change those odds.  We know that appealing to the children is a better shot, then trying to change someone who is 18.  A lot of these children, don’t have a positive role model and Hip Hop Humanism has decided to be a positive role model as long as we exist.

We had the pleasure of showcasing two awesome artist this month.  @Danlish1 and @IamLaJune.  Dan Lish is a phenomenal visual artist.  His attention to detail will blow you away.  His art can be viewed up close and far away and both experiences will have you talking.  He has captured the essence of many Hip Hop greats, such as, Kid Capri, OutKast and Luke Skywalker, to name a few and is the creator of Ego Strip (check this out, will not disappoint)!  Then is there our first lady showcase, LaJune.  We met her at MCA Day this year and she killed the stage.  She is a hot mix or Hip Hop, Reggae, Rock, Pop…like everything.  She is a true artist that just lets the music come out!  Check out our favorite track:  Fibrillate Ft Willy Wesley, where she will put you in the mind of Lauren Hill, mixed with Erykah, mixed with Courtney Love…yes, all three of them.  Check it out and see why.

So what is in store for September?  Well we are going to do an Artist Appreciation Month.  Every artist that has every gave us the pleasure of learning about, or went the extra mile with an interview will be showcased this month.  We are new the scene and the fact that so many trusted us and gave us a chance means the most to us.   We will always be the place for the ‘unsigned hype’.  We will always be the place for the underground artist.  We appreciate your passion to keep true Hip Hop alive.  Look forward to seeing work from the following artist:  @ajkatzart, @A5kem, @KevinCarmody2, @Danlish1, @EugeneHero, @RGRippa, Rahiim Muhammad, @ShinobiNinja, @iampoetdeep, Haze Paladin – The General, @GrandOpusCA, and last but not least, our first lady feature, @iamlajune.  Each of these artist create something wonderful for the world, so if you missed it stay tuned.

Also this month, I am traveling again, which is why I am the Traveling Humanist.  I am going to attend the @HIpHopHOF awards in New York, New York, with my photographer and assistant, La’Niaha Williams.  It should be a wonderful night full of music and connections.  We are also laying the ground work for another program out of our ‘Kids Way Out’ Initiative, called ‘We Can Make Art’.  This will combine different types of art, meaning it will be visual (painting and sketches) and something you can listen to (kid performances of old school hip hop legends).  We focus on the children, because they still can be molded and they are indeed our future.

Thank you for all the support we have received so far.  It motivates us to do more and to come stronger.  We strive to be the go to place for real Hip Hop, dope ass art and real news from the communities.  We appreciate everyone who follows us and those who have made a profile.  If you haven’t please feel free to do so.  If you have dope music, a positive message or cause, post, post post.  Here you have a voice.  Anything offensive will be removed.  We hope you enjoy our September recap as much as we do.


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Written by:
Jay Rene @thejayrene

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