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The Police: Consequences Bring Change

The Police: Consequences Bring Change

The America Police department has been in the spotlight in America over the past few years in a major way. It seems that the more technology that is created, the more the police departments bad parts are being exposed. Now we must remember that not ever police person is corrupt. However, corruption does exists within its ranks.


Unarmed men and women have been shot and some have been killed at the hands of the police, and often times the police department is not found liable. Depending whom you asks, this is not justice being served. It can not be ignored that there are cases where race seems that it can most definitely be a factor, but we must understand that corruption in the police department is not a problem for just one race, it is a problem for everyone. One race might seem to be the target, but it will not stop there. With no consequences, corruption will grow and no one will be safe.


As humans, the human condition as a whole should be important to us. Just because something doesn’t effect our demographic, doesn’t mean we should just turn a blind eye. Human conditions will effect all humans eventually. If not you personally, your children, if not them, their grand children. The effect that we are speaking of, is not just about the police, it is with everything.


Currently the police does have an escalation of force policy that should prevent them from killing unarmed and innocent people. However, we all know that unarmed and innocent people have still died at the hand of the police department. In a series of articles we will research and discuss what these policies are, how they have not been effective and suggest how better practices can yield desirable results.


This should be an interesting adventure, and by the end of it, we might end up changing some laws or passing some bills. As a people, we should want our police department to be the best they can be. We deserve for them to have integrity and for them to protect and serve as they are sworn to do. We invite you come with us on this adventure towards finding facts, faults and solutions.


We believe that if true consequences were to be had when a police officer breaks the law or makes the wrong decision, that we would have less innocent people shot and killed at the hands of those who are meant to protect and serve. An enforced escalation of force policy could only help not only the American people but the police department themselves. It has been nothing but beneficial to the Armed Forces. This benefit does not only have to be theirs.



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Written by:
Jay Rene @thejayrene

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