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The Rapper LJ this Artist of the Week

LJ the rapper who came into this world Lenard Anthony Gant Jr., was born to two loving parents in Oakland California and is definitely not new to his craft.  He started rapping at the young age of 11 in Oakland California and has been non-stop since then.  After performing at his middle school talent show, he decided to pursue a career in Hip Hop. He has done several school tours in the Northern California area and has even toured in Nevada (Music Forever Entertainment, 2017).

At the age of 13 LJ did his first major rap performance at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco on January 15, 2007 and went on to perform there for the next three years after his first performance.  At that first performance D’Wayne Wiggins from Tony Toni Tone took LJ as his protégé and LJ toured with Wiggins for about a year. He started to invest in his own career by age 16 and his hard work has paid off in abundance.

Since then LJ has featured on numerous Mixtapes and his “Night Before Christmas” track “reached the Top 50 Pop Chart, the Top 40 Urban Chart for College, Internet, and Satellite Radio and number 17 on the Online Radio Breakout Chart” (Music Forever Entertainment, 2017).  His mix tape A.W.N.P reached 300,000 downloads in two weeks (Music Forever Entertainment, 2017)

He is the owner and CEO of his record company Music Forever Entertainment.  He is an inspirational speaker and always has a positive message for the kids, which is highly commendable in a world that cares about money first and people last.  He stresses the message for the youth to stay in school and to make positive decisions that can shape a better way of life (Music Forever Entertainment, 2017). 

His latest track, “The Realist” comes on smooth and pulls you in as he effortlessly rhymes over the track.  Check out his YouTube Page: to find this track and his many others. Also check out his website:




Music Forever Entertainment, 2017.

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