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Tyler Gordon - Internal Motivation

Tyler Gordon -  Internal Motivation

Have you heard the latest news about the new Pablo Picasso of our time? Well if you haven’t, his name is Tyler Gordon; a 12 year old artist from San Jose, CA, is a young talented wonder who truly loves what he does. Once you see his paintings you would be amazed at how Tyler uses an empty canvas to paint life-like paintings of famous people like Barack Obama and Will Smith and Jada Pinkett. Tyler is impressing famous people like Kevin Hart who paid $1000.00 for his painting and Steve Harvey who paid $700.00 for his life like portrait. 

Tyler began painting by watching his own mother Nicole Kindle, paint and excelled from there with his own love to create beautiful artwork. His natural born talent amazed his mom and others. Tyler would see a picture of a person and recreate his version on the canvas. He is not only talented but very personable, laughing and being respectful in interviews and enjoying his life.

Tyler is selling his artwork at this time to raise money for Christmas and Paradise Wild fires (as seen on his Facebook page).
His mother inspires and motivates him and he doesn’t allow any of the obstacles of his young life stand in his way. With little to no excuses young Tyler still expresses himself through his love of painting. There is literally nothing holding him back. On his social media including his Facebook page @Tyler Gordon, who is a twin, lately has been promoting the sales of his paintings which are life like caricatures that mimic famous people. Tyler chooses those celebrities who have put their best foot forward and never took NO as the final answer in pursuing their dreams as well.

Tyler has been featured on Steve Harvey’s show, “Little Big Shots.” Here he shared with Steve how he enjoys painting and meeting other celebrities such as Kevin Hart. Hart even surprised Tyler by purchased his painting for $1000. Tyler doesn’t let his age, his skin color or anything else deter him from his dreams.

Tyler spends his time painting people who make him happy and inspire him. When he needs supplies he reaches out to his Facebook friends and asks for help so he can keep pursuing his love for art. Community support grows when you make that first move to put yourself out there to be critiqued. Tyler takes any negative energy and turns it into a positive which takes humility, strength, and perserverance.

The main ingredients to being prosperous is ingenuity, patience, and eagerness to want to excel in painting like Tyler, coin collecting or even designing your own clothing. Whether its growing a business or painting Barack Obama, it's your special gift to society. It's your delicate project that needs attention and patience as it grows and gets better over time. The colors on the canvas always blend perfectly together with no questions asked.

What about you? Do you feel like maybe you’re not at the expert level of what you love? Well, Practice makes perfect. When you love what you’re doing, it gets better the more energy and time you put towards it. Is money stopping you from pursuing your dreams? How about the Fear of the unknown, or if people will accept your ideas?

You can literally paint out your next move. If you aspire to be the next Tyler Gordon walk out in faith and love for what you do. When do you think the right time to start is? How will you ever know if you don't take that leap of faith. Build from wherever you are in life and use your struggles as an empty canvas to paint the picture of your life.

"We started from the bottom now we here" give that phrase your own meaning and purpose.


Signed: Carolyn ‘Cee’ Renee
CR The Brand, LLC

"Exemplify Beauty in all you do, from the Inside Out." ~CRTheBrand

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Written by:
Jay Rene @thejayrene

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