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The solution, the voice of nation, and Jarmel Reece are all one in the same person. No matter which name you were introduced to him under once you heard his music you could understand the names that were given to him by the public and you would always remember his actual name.

Jarmel is originally from St. Louis Missouri and many say that he has a sound that is comparable to Nas or Common. However, he definitely has his own voice and his own sound and those that appreciate old school rappers will definitely appreciate this new school brother.

In an interview with Jarmel we asked him what made him fall in love with hip-hop and he replied that he loved, “when I saw ‘Self Destruction’...seeing my people stand together...the unity of people who looked like me, my color, doing something…promoting not to follow down a bad path... I didn’t grow up seeing the Black Panthers...I was around when rappers were my political heroes”. He continued to explain that seeing the unity of the artists of different from backgrounds teach the younger generation not to go down the same negative paths of others before them.

Jarmel was asked about his favorite memory and he quickly recalled that it was watching the KRS One Video, ‘Loves gonna get you’ from Yo MTV raps. He explained that seeing someone talk about the things he was experiencing growing up moved him. Amidst all the violence that was happening, KRS one asked us in the song, “ What the hell am I supposed to do?” This made Jarmel ask himself the same question and he answered that call to action by creating music to make people think. Hip hop is about educating and making music that is problem solving. Jarmel went on to say that rappers like KRS Oneand Nas were his political heroes since he wasn’t alive when Malcolm X and MLK we’re making there political movements.

Jarmel first discovered the power behind hip hops platform and respected it as he saw the reactions of his peers on a regular basis. He realized that people can control other people by the words they say. Those influences would either have people do positive or negative. He respects that type of power and feels it is truly a privilege to have it. At one point in time, his music had a negative undertone and he saw how people were being swayed to indulge.

Following the birth of his first child, Jarmel looked at her innocent face and saw the importance of making sure she would hear more positive messages from her father. He then decided to commit to being his true self, Jarmel Reece and The Voice of the Nation was brought to the forefront. He said that this choice was important because, “A lot of people never get a huge platform to speak so artists have a bigger responsibility to do more”

We then asked Jarmel, “what motivates you to be yourself and not revert to popular tactics to become rich?” He responded that he has always liked being himself and really he doesn’t know what mainstream ‘rich’ means to others. Jarmel feels he is ‘rich’ by being himself and content with what he has and who he is and encourages others to do the same. Each individual person should be happy being who they are and not be defined by money because it doesn’t truly define who we really are. he never had to resort to such outlandish tactics to be known or popular because since kindergarten Jarmel always stood out. He feels rappers that exploit the game to be dollar rich miss the mark and those that do that didnt have that type of attention as a kid. If he wasn’t in school, people asked where he was, he played basketball and all the popularity for being himself so it was natural as an artist that he continue in that vein of individuality.

“What makes you part of the solution and the solution?” Jarmel states, he is what the solution looks like, all that he is doing. In that same light that also makes him a part of the solution as well. With his song Hip Hop vs. Trap he pays homage to true hip hop and showcases what is happening today and why we need to have people true to the message and positivity. Hip hop music got him out of life situations; he would encounter a dilemma and a song would pop up and answer a question. It would solve a problem, and educate. Jarmel said, “Sure we can have fun and bring communities together...” but with trap music, hip hop was has lost the education and the problem solving ingredients that make up the whole movement.

Jarmel aka The Solution wants the world to know that he is indeed The Voice of the Nation. He wants to speak for those that don’t have a voice, inspire others to be who they want and choose to be. Be on the look out for new music on all streaming and social media sites via @Jarmel Reece and stayed tuned for new music from Interstellarr Music group.


Written by: Carolyn “Cee” Rene in support of CR the Brand LLC.

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