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Who is Andre Saunders?

Who is Andre Saunders?

The city of Wilmington DE makes a lot of news.  Unfortunately, most of that news is negative.  In the city of Wilmington drugs, crime and gun play is something that is running rampant.  Almost every day someone is assaulted, shot or killed in this city.  According to Delaware Online, from the beginning of the year to date, there have been 76 violent incidents in Delaware and 19 of them were homicides.  It is not even the middle of the year and there have been more than half the number of violent incidents.  Last years total incidents for the year calculated at 127.  Last year there were a total of 21 murders.  Delaware is gaining on this number and we have seven more months to go before this year is over.  Sadness and madness.  Yes, Delaware does have somber news, however there is a man that is trying to change that with a program geared to the youth.  He and the other volunteers are trying to reach our children before they reach the age that violence usually occurs statistically in Wilmington, which is age 22. 

Andre Saunders, 48, is the founder of this program and has been living in Delaware his whole life.  He has personally watched Delaware change into the violent place it currently is.  I asked him what kept him from turning to a life of crime?  He says “I was raised by a single mother.  I could not think of leaving her behind.  Who would take care of her?  Having to be there for her, kept me out of trouble”.  Andre has always cared about what was going on in his community and is no stranger to speaking up about it.  He is outspoken and stands by what he feels is right.  How refreshing.  When asked what made him decide to start a program like this he says “We have the resource and the need.  Kids are entering a life of crime every day.  The children are dying and being shot here EVERY day!  We want to give them alternatives.  We have to “!  Andre’s passion is easily felt when speaking with him.  He was so passionate that I am willing to learn more about fishing, just so I can volunteer this summer.

So what is the program?  It is called “We Teach Kids to Fish”.  It is under the initiative created by Hip Hop Humanism called ‘A Kids Way Out’.  This programs purpose is to give children an alternative to crime and drugs.  It also can have some health benefits because the art of fishing can help with anxiety.  Along with learning something useful and having an opportunity to have positive alternatives to crime, he hopes to provide mentorship to the children that he and the other awesome volunteers, come in contact with.  He says “we are screaming for some help for these children in these inner cities.  It hurts my heart to see what is happening and NO ONE is doing anything about it “!

Currently everything that is provided to these children comes out of the pockets and hearts of Andre and the volunteers.  He has also received donations from supporters in the community.  At this time, he will be able to accommodate 10 children this summer, under the age of 17.  Parents of course are welcomed to stay.  Eventually we hope that Andre and the other volunteers will be able to hold fishing tournaments where the children would be able to earn prizes for their hard work. Positive incentive for positive behavior.  This program will definitely do its part in helping support our youth in making better decisions for their future and for the greater good of mankind. 

We salute you Andre and we appreciate the effort that you are putting forth to help our children have better lives and to help our children make better decisions.  Your dedication to this selfless act is noted and we applaud you.   #wearehumanfirst

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