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Who is Linda Masarira?

Who is Linda Masarira?  If you were to goggle her name you would find all types of information, but it may be hard to decide what to believe and what to actually read.  In this article we will tell you who Linda Masarira really is and what she stands for.

Linda Masarira is a trail blazer.  She is an advocate and activist for the rights of women and the less fortunate in her native country Zimbabwe.  Her passion for justice has earned her many friends, supporters and enemies.  However, despite the enemies she makes, she is determined not to stop her fight or to silence her voice, until the rights of Zimbabwe residents are just and fair. Linda has founded the organization Zimbabwe Women in Politics Alliance (ZWPA).  This organization brings to light the many issues facing Zimbabwe, especially the crimes and injustices toward women in the country.  Unfortunately standing up for your rights is punished in Zimbabwe.  Once after a peaceful march to the Kuwait embassy addressing the need of reparations for the women who were used as sex slaves, she and those who marched with her were jailed (Giraffes Hero Project, 2017).

In a video interview captured by Peter Mutanda of Edutainment Vanguard TeleVision, she says one reason she had to step up is because the Zimbabwe she remembers as a child is much better than the one she currently resides in. She goes on to say “people have to understand that suffering is not normal.  It is not ok to be poor and we have to fight for justice”. She encourages women to “do something, do something for the struggle. We have to stand up for the future of our children”.  She is also an active member of Zimbabwe Activist Alliance (ZAA), where she called out the Vice President who was inappropriately using tax payer funds.  She was jailed for this also (Giraffes Hero Project, 2017).

Even though she has been beaten publicly, abused and jailed she says she “won’t be deterred” (News24, 2017).  What a powerful and strong woman.  She has also been fired six times, because she has stood up against the unfair wage practices in Zimbabwe.  However, the beatings don’t silence her voice.  The abuse doesn’t silence her nor does the potential for being jailed silence her. Her want for fair and just treatment makes her sing loud and her voice is nowhere close to hoarse.  Her passion as she speaks is evident.  She believes that “every person should fight for their rights”.  She tries to remind Zimbabweans that complaining about the injustice is not enough.  They need to act, speak up where it matters and not be afraid.  It takes strong intestinal fortitude to do what she is doing and she should be commended. 

In an article written by the Giraffe Hero Project, which hash tag is #stickyourneckout, she states: 

I have great passion in fighting for freedom and democracy in my country regardless of the risk that I have encountered along the way. Here in Zimbabwe the government is reluctant to respect fundamental human rights that are enshrined in the new constitution. Hence, I have taken it upon myself to be active in advocating for citizens’ rights in my country no matter the consequences.

This is what heart is, this is what love is and this is what humans should and must do for each other.  This is what Humanism is.  Those who can speak, should speak for those who can’t.  Those who see the injustices around them should not look away.  In order to have a change in this world, sometimes you must demand it and she is willing to do that.  Hip Hop Humanism applauds her, we all should.

Below you can follow the links to hear Linda Speak and hear more of her incredible story and ongoing fight against the injustice in her country.

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Some quoted content comes from the video interview of Linda Masarira taken from the interview conducted by: Peter Mutanda Edutainment Vanguard TeleVision

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Jay Rene @thejayrene

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