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Have you ever had an idea?  An idea that you thought could change the world or make life easier?  Many people have ideas and these ideas often become the things you see around you or personally own.  The doorbell, the car, the computer, and even kool

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The America Police department has been in the spotlight in America over the past few years in a major way. It seems that the more technology that is created, the more the police departments bad parts are being exposed. Now we must remember that not e

Hip Hop Humanism Radio has been effect since the summer of 2019 and there is no end in sight. Hip Hop Humanism Radio is about everything and anything urban. We talk about our news, things in the world that effect us and our community, our health, our

Today on March 31, 2019, recording artist, business man, father and humanitarian (to name a few titles) was killed. More to follow on this new revelation.

Hip Hop Humanism as a whole extend condolences to his friends and family. We pray that you have

Have you heard the latest news about the new Pablo Picasso of our time? Well if you haven’t, his name is Tyler Gordon; a 12 year old artist from San Jose, CA, is a young talented wonder who truly loves what he does. Once you see his paintings you wou

The solution, the voice of nation, and Jarmel Reece are all one in the same person. No matter which name you were introduced to him under once you heard his music you could understand the names that were given to him by the public and you would alway

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K Walker who is originally from South Philly, but currently resides in Wilmington Delaware, is multi-faceted when it comes to Hip Hop. He is an artist, a music and movie producer and even has a line of clothing. How we first discovered K. Walker was

Hip Hop Humanism is hosting a contest. Here are the details of this contest.

1. First you must use the instrumental “Shook Ones” by Mobb Deep as your music:

2. Your submission should be two minutes or less.

3. Upload y

We are always on the look out for unsigned artist that keep the roots of Hip Hop but have their own style. When we saw that there was a young artist coined “The Solution” we were intrigued and hopeful. Why hopeful? Because too many are saying Hip Hop

Another month is here and Hip Hop Humanism gladly welcomes it. Last month we had the opportunity to talk about three people who are making a great impact in Hip Hop. Let’s recap a bit.

We had Amy Cinnamon who is a part of mADurgency; which is a colle

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When it comes to women doing things and making things happen Tia ‘Mz. Konnoisseur’ Hamilton is one of the ladies easily leading from the front. She is a true testament that when it comes to working for what you want you can reach your goals. She is a

Here is the too cool interview that Amy allowed us to have with her. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

HHH: When did you fall in love with hip-hop?

Amy: I fell in love with hip hop the first time I heard Rapper's Delight. I am in Miami now, but

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Amy Cinnamon considers herself an “accidental artist”…Thank the world for accidents; because of this “accident“ we have the pleasure of viewing her art. Her ability to capture the celebrities likeness but still keeping the cartoon aspect is really co

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Anyone that has spent any time in Delaware knows that the hip-hop influence here is accelerated. Ciphers of verbal rap abilities can be found in multiple places across the city at any given time.

What goes hand-in-hand with those verbal rap abilities

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March holds many gems that will not only become a part of Hip Hop history, but will also put you on to some hot and uncomming artists, as well as some people that are making major power moves in Hip Hop.  Here is a quick run down of what is to come i

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