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Who is Linda Masarira?  If you were to goggle her name you would find all types of information, but it may be hard to decide what to believe and what to actually read.  In this article we will tell you who Linda Masarira really is and what she stands

April has been an awesome month.  We have had the chance and opportunity to meet some amazing people who want to make a change in the world and who are just positive, good hearted people.  This month we have had the pleasure of showcasing the talent

In this interview The Rapper LJ gives a little insight on his inspirations and motivations.  He also gives us some stories from his personal life.  The Rapper LJ though talented is still humble.  He has many other stories that we can not wait to shar

The latest track out by The Rapper LJ is currently titled "The Realist". However, he has a collection of other songs that don't disappoint.  One track in particular is "My Time to Shine" that dropped in 2015 and is off of his album "From the Hood to

The talented Andy Katz has another achievement to add to his list.  His artwork of the artist "Phife" has been selected to be part of a juried show.  So what is a juried show you ask?  A juried show is "a competition in which participants' work is ju

Do you know who Andrew John Katz is?  If not, get ready for your introduction.  Andrew Katz is a talented visual artist, a graphic designer, teacher, visual thinker and music lover.  We first noticed Andrew on Twitter.  Dozens of his Hip Hop art was

We are so excited about our first "Artist of the Week" article that it is hard to contain ourselves.  We know that being an artist is something not everyone can achieve.  We appreciate the hard work and dedication that it takes to perfect and even pe

Hip Hop Humanism will be entering the contest "A Community Thrives. We believe in what we are doing and trying to accomplish and we hope that they can see it also.  If you have any ideas please check out the link below and submit your ideas. The dead