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The biggest mission of Hip Hop Humanism is to change the world.  Of course changing the world is something that often is not achievable in one day.  Hip Hop Humanism is prepared for the long haul.  This is the major reason why we create programs that

Are you focused? Are you Hip Hop? Are you female? This is for us...

The more we invest in ourselves the more profit we will see from our investment. Everyone that is a member of Focused Women of Hip Hop must ensure to support each other. On different

Co-Fonder of Hip Hop Humanism, Dana Dane is more than a Hip Hop pioneer.  He is also a humanitarian and author.  He helps co-author the book 'Dwaffes - A Family Talks Cancer' with Jason Pinchoff.  This book is easy to read and beautifully illustrated

There is no doubt that more and more children are becoming more and more violent as time passes.  More and more children are turning to a life of crime or are falling victim to it.  After coming back to Wilmington after almost 15 years away, I could

Starting in April, Hip Hop Humanism will be starting an Artist of the Week.  These artist will be selected not only by their craft, and creativity, but by their positive influence in the Hip Hop Community and the world.  We are looking forward to thi

Since the beginning of time, man has been a story teller.  In fact, the beginning of time itself is a story.  Whether you believe in the big bang or the Bible, how we got here and why we are here and the implications there of, are all told through th

Our Mission is to re-establish the ties that bind us as people worldwide using the Culture of Hip Hop. Keep in mind that Hip Hop is more then the music, style of dress or an attitude; it is the art of creative thinking, which we believe is one of the