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A Kids Way Out Initiative

A Kids Way Out Initiative

There is no doubt that more and more children are becoming more and more violent as time passes.  More and more children are turning to a life of crime or are falling victim to it.  After coming back to Wilmington after almost 15 years away, I could not help but notice the changes to the city.  While I was away, I often heard of how crime had escalated since I had moved away.  Almost weekly I would hear stories of someone being killed or hurt.  Eventually I started hearing news of classmates being murdered in the streets.  Then eventually people in my own family.  Once moving back, I could sit from my window and hear sirens all day long, going back and forth and up and down the streets.  Sometimes at night, I could even hear a whole clip being emptied, I would walk around during the day and just watch how the people were, from young to old.  It was sad. All of these things are still happening.  One day I said to myself aloud, "man, kids have to have a way out" and this is what started this initiative.

So together, myself and my partners have come up with an initiative that we hope will save our children as well as promote a better life for all humans now and to come.  This initiative has three of programs that are created to teach our children a skill, as well as give them a healthy alternative to a life of crime or drugs.  We hope that this can go from a local program to a country wide initiative.  Below we will discuss what it is, what it involves and how we believe that this initiative can help make our world a better place and can create a brighter future.

The name of this initiative is “A Kids Way Out”.  Its purpose is to create alternative things for children to do with their time that are positive.  Not only is their time spent more wisely, they are learning a skill in the process.  They will also benefit physically and emotionally from the programs within this initiative as well as be provided with positive mentorship.  At this time there are three programs that make up this initiative.  They are:  We Teach Kids to Fish, Let’s Make This Music, and We Can Make Art.  We hope to one day have more, but we start with these three.  Each program has their unique benefits, but all of them in common promote positivity, a better way of life and are beneficial to our children and their futures.

We Teach Kids to Fish – Created by Andre Saunders, this program does exactly what the name implies.  He and other volunteers want to make use of the three rivers that run through Delaware to help save their community.  This program gives children a chance to learn about the world around them, learn a skill, be exposed to positive role models and are given a positive way to spend their free time.  The children bring nothing but themselves, an open mind and a willingness to learn.  They are taught about the Eco system, learn the skill of fishing and will have access to one on one time to positive role models that care about their future.  Along with this, the children will be taught how to prepare what they catch, which can lead to healthier food choices.  Eventually we hope that we will grow big enough to have fishing tournaments where children could win prizes for their efforts.  The program is based in Wilmington, but we hope to branch out to the surrounding areas and then across the country.

(Update:  we have currently had our third year of this program in Wilmington Delaware. We now have prizes that we are able to give to the participants as well as book bags and school supplies. We have been able to feed all the participants the children and their families from donations and Hardwork of everyone involved. The city of Wilmington has even considered us by clearing the area that we use most during this program and by placing seating for children and their families to use while fishing. There’s no doubt that this will continue to grow).

Let’s Make This Music – This program is a program that will show the children a behind the scenes look on how music is created.  They will have access to studio time where a program leader will show them how music is created in the studio.  Along with this, the program leader would encourage positive music topics that the children could “write about” if they were interested in being a rapper or performer.  This sparks creative thinking, which is paramount in life.  In the future we would hope that each child could make one song that they could carry home with them on CD.  Along with learning something that could be useful later in life, the children will be exposed to positive artist, DJs and Production teams.  We can bring home the point that music doesn’t have to be vulgar to be good, as well as giving them something constructive to do with their time.  We hope that positive conscious music becomes the norm again. (Update: We are currently working with other volunteers and making this program official in the year 2020. With the motivation of those that we are listing we have no doubt that this can become a successful program they can grow all over the United States just like the rest of the programs are projected to do).

We Can Make Art – This program is a program that will expose children with a passion for art to artist that are positive as well as remarkable at their craft.  The type of art this program will supply is canvas art, digital art, graffiti, and most other types of visual arts.  We hope that children with the passion for art can sit with professional artist and teachers of art that will help the children work on their abilities and become better.  They will learn different techniques as well as different art history.  We would make it so they could go on tours to art museums to learn more the different types of arts.  We hope to keep their interest in something positive, instead of the many harsh alternatives that wait to consume our children.

Though small, we believe that these three programs under the “A Kids Way Out” initiative is a good start to helping make our world a better and brighter place.  In the future we would like to add Fashion Design and Culinary Arts.  Until then, we will focus on our three programs.  We are so thankful for all of the support that we have gotten so far.  It makes us want to work harder toward reaching our goals and we know that one day, the positive things that we want to implement will be a reality.  All hope is not lost.  We can do something about what is going on around us.  Hip Hop Humanism will always do their part and we commend and applaud everyone who is striving to do the same.  We appreciate you all.  #wearehumanfirst #iamhuman

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Written by:
Jay Rene @thejayrene