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Changing the World

Changing the World

The biggest mission of Hip Hop Humanism is to change the world.  Of course changing the world is something that often is not achievable in one day.  Hip Hop Humanism is prepared for the long haul.  This is the major reason why we create programs that can last for years to come.  Once the creators are long gone, the legacy will still remain and the benefits will remain with them.  Everything we create is geared to get better a better and to grow so that all people can benefit from them.  We invest mostly in our youth because we know they are the future and because they deserve it and its our duty!

Another way of changing the world is to change the laws that need to be changed, as well as creating laws that are better for the people as a collective.  We use our platform and our voice, as well as our own hands to support these efforts.  We bring the community together to aid in fixing it using Asset Based Community Development.  This is just using the assets that already exist in a community to create new things that help the environment and/or people in that community and beyond.  It also concentrates on developing projects and programs that the community is interested in or good at.  It does not go in and pick apart and point out all the bad in a community.  We do observe this, but we use this information to create the programs needed to assist the area and its people.

As you notice, Hip Hop is a part of our name.  We also know that Hip Hop is powerful and has the ability to change the world.  We have all watched with our own eyes how Hip Hop has set trends, changed vocabulary, effected the way people dress and where they want to go.  We know that Hip Hop has always had a direct link to the urban community, which is why we promote positive Hip Hop music and not music that glorifies the destruction of of our youth.

We also have a radio show called Hip Hop Humanism were we promote positive music, businesses and efforts.  We play unsigned positive artists, and promote all types of businesses.  We cover urban news, health, finances and more.  We reach all of the United States. Canada and over 120 countries via WMSKOnline Radio (

Though activism, humanitarianism, journalism, music and community service, we hope to change the world...One day at a time.

Hip Hop Humanism

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Written by:
Jay Rene @thejayrene