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Focused Women of Hip Hop

Focused Women of Hip Hop

Focused women of Hip Hop is a’s a force. Focused Women of Hip Hop hopes to be a union of all women doing any and everything hip-hop. To be a place that we can come to tell our stories, get help, promote our work and to connect with other artist to network, build and to grow. We hope also to start a mentor ship program where industry veterans can assist the newer artist.

We will be more than just fly events and interviews. We will be a conglomerate of all the different faces, voices and styles of women who share a love of hip-hop. We will become the main promoters of each other.

We plan to have an event in 2018 during the month of September called The Focused Women of Hip Hop Awards, a TiaJay9 production (A collaboration of Tia Hamilton of and Jay Rene of Hip Hop Humanism). At this event we plan to celebrate pioneers, up-and-coming‘s and those that are already engolfed in hip-hop currently. This event will be ticketed and open to the public. Here we will congratulate each other, build bridges and partnerships. Here we can discuss every and anything that effects females in the Arts. We can find solutions and create what ever we desire.

We also plan to have a website where fans and patrons could come and find everything female oriented that involves hip-hop. From news,interviews,pictures,music,and much more. The world will be able to explore the website and find out about their favorite female artists and learn about new ones yet to hit mainstream.

It will be an interactive site where an artist can make a profile and promote their work as well as help others promote their craft. We hope to make the mission of support and unity easy. If you are interested in becoming part of the Focused Women of Hip Hop movement please email us at:

This movement will only be as big as we want it to be. It will only grow as much as we feed it and nurture it. We must take care of each other we must support each other and uplift each other. Having one collective voice that has power is possible if we want it.

All registered members will have the possibility of financial gain. If we come together we definitely can make this a reality. There is no other force that has been like this one. Not only will we have a large voice that can stand up for women artist but we will have a platform, especially for us that showcases our abilities and our efforts. We will also be able to use this platform to promote and support each other through social media.

Women are no doubt a pivotal and important part of hip-hop history, present and future. Be looking for the website for focused as early as April.

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Written by:
Jay Rene @thejayrene