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HipHop Humanism Mission

Our Mission is to re-establish the ties that bind us as people worldwide using the Culture of Hip Hop. Keep in mind that Hip Hop is more then the music, style of dress or an attitude; it is the art of creative thinking, which we believe is one of the key components of a healthy society.

Right now, this is truly needed, because our society is more divided than it’s ever been. No one is hearing one another because no one is feeling one another. The melting pot is becoming a boiling cauldron. We must get to know one another all over again, so we will create bridges, provide forums and open up spaces for dialogue, interaction, celebration and inclusion.

Hip Hop has always been about taking diverse slices of life and creating an artistic whole. So we will take the passion of the Italians, the wit of the Irish, the spice of the Latino’s, the honor of the Asians and the rhythms of the African to truly define a diverse American culture using the following agenda.