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Women of Hip Hop Unite!

Are you focused? Are you Hip Hop? Are you female? This is for us...

The more we invest in ourselves the more profit we will see from our investment. Everyone that is a member of Focused Women of Hip Hop must ensure to support each other. On different social media platforms, each week a female artist will be promoted by everyone that is part of Focused. We will also purchase one of their songs if it is available for purchase. (If it isn’t we will encourage it becomes so).

We will help set each other up for success. This way each week the artist selected would have promotional support from every member, reaching multiple demographics. So for example if we have 1001 members that are promoting one artist and purchasing one track, (which may be priced at 1 to 3 dollars), that artist can not only obtain a further promotional reach but they will also gain some revenue. Each artist will have this benefit. As it expands the group would be split into sub groups for a quicker turn around time for promotion and revenue.

Think of the possible reach if we work together. It takes nothing to get on social media to promote. It can take less than five minutes maybe even less than two. Along with this, as members of an alliance we have power. If a female artist is being discriminated against the other members of the group can back her and support her… Who is going to ignore 1000 voices especially of women? No one.

If we bond together we are a force to be reckon with. Only by separation can we conquered and taken advantage of. Only in separation can we not advance. Become part of the group solution. Becone part of the wave of women empowerment and Hip Hop. We are only as strong as we allow ourselves to be. So what are we waiting for? No one will do it for us. No one cares about us like us. Focused Women of Hip Hop will be a powerful force that will be unlike any other. This will not be a state thing nor will this be a coastal thing. This will be international. You know we can do it we are women...that’s what we do.

Written by:
Jay Rene @thejayrene