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Every musician has a story to tell that is unique to them. Trent James, a multi-talented self-motivator, has built his brand from the bottom up to become the successful businessman he has become today.



In a short time, Trent James has established himself as one of the most influential figures in the hip-hop industry. In addition to being a great producer and composer, he is also a rapper, a vocalist, and a beatmaker. Although he is most known for hip hop, he has experimented with reggaeton and Latin music as well. His distinct musical tone may be attributed to his love of music, his experience in such roles, and his confidence in openly expressing himself.

This past November and December, Trent James embarked on his first national tour, where he performed songs from his second studio album, "Above the Water," which came out on October 5th, 2018, and was composed mainly during his time in jail. Trent James began the year by releasing a flurry of songs and music videos, showing his everlasting commitment to the music industry. Although he is the most popular artist in Texas, his Spotify streams have increased to 36 other nations.


A collaboration album titled "The Only Way" was released in January of 2020, which he characterized as "a pain-driven depiction of life on the streets." Following this, Trent James will release a solo album on July 17, 2020, titled "Pay Me Extra," which he composed, recorded, and produced entirely on his own time. A great demonstration of his beat-making skills, lyrical talent, and production abilities, all of which have grown with time. He had more than 180 nations across the globe streaming his Spotify streams over this year, which was a record for him.


An entrepreneur by profession, Trent James founded Boss Alliance Global, a new multi-tier organization. When it comes to assisting aspiring artists in realizing their goals in the entertainment business, he relies on his own experience of launching an independent career. His company offers a variety of services, including a record label, modeling agency, artist development, and videography. Throughout the globe, his diverse set of skills and commercial acumen are generating a great deal of attention and creating many new relationships.


Trent James is currently working on refining his sound and studio abilities, as well as expanding his already successful company, which he hopes to do by 2021. Before this, he has shown that he is an accomplished businessman who is capable of starting a company from the bottom up. Boss Alliance Global (B. A.G.) is an Instagram account for individuals who are interested in pursuing careers as artists or influencers in the fashion industry.

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"Our mission is to re-establish the ties that bind us as people worldwide using the Culture of Hip Hop. Hip Hop is more than the music, style of dress or an attitude; it is the art of creative thinking, which we believe is one of the key components of a healthy society". #iamhuman #wearehumanfirst #HipHopHumanism