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Where is Hip Hop Humanism?

Hip Hop Humanism currently operates out of the US., however, we are branching into Africa; Nigeria and Kenya to start.

We will be extended humanitarian efforts in Africa, as well as show casing the music

In time we hope to build programs there, just as we do in the United States


We have currently built programs in Delaware and Maryland.  We are now going to begin efforts in North Carolina.

We hope that we will eventually spread all over the United States, Africa, up to Canada, down to South America, so on and so forth until Hip Hop Humanism is conducting Humanitarian efforts as well as community development all over the globe






Written by:
Jay Rene @thejayrene

"Our mission is to re-establish the ties that bind us as people worldwide using the Culture of Hip Hop. Hip Hop is more than the music, style of dress or an attitude; it is the art of creative thinking, which we believe is one of the key components of a healthy society". #iamhuman #wearehumanfirst #HipHopHumanism